Do you struggle with the daily hardship of living with chronic illness or chronic pain? Do you feel misunderstood by your family, church, or friends? Do you wonder if God has forgotten you? 

Consider joining a supportive group of fellow travelers. In this group, you will be truly seen, known, and understood in your suffering. You will be reminded that you are not alone and encouraged that God has not forgotten you. You will experience a refreshing taste of the community that may be missing in your life. 


Join biblical counselor, Michelle Woods, for a live, online support group that is available year-round on Fridays at 1PM EST. Each week, we discuss a series of questions on topics that are relevant to life with chronic pain and illness. We often share our stories, discuss helpful Scriptures, remind each other of the hope we have in Jesus, and practice calming strategies together. 


The support group meets in a virtual setting on Fridays at 1PM EST and is purchased as a monthly subscription. You can pause or cancel your subscription at any time.  


The cost of the subscription is $65 per month and typically includes 4 group meetings. We offer a FREE two-week trial for new members who want to check out the group. The free trial is automatically applied upon registration.


Seen and Known is a tight community of men and women who gather together each week to support and encourage one another.  Space in the group is limited to 15 people. 



“This support group offers a truly refreshing and flexible option for anyone trying to learn how to adapt to a lifestyle of chronic pain, or to move forward following significant trauma. Even for those who find it challenging to leave their homes, it is a refreshing avenue to connect with others who actually “get it,” and who share common values centered on the Lord Jesus. I would highly encourage others struggling through similar circumstances to check out this group.” 

 Group Participant



Michelle Woods is a biblical counselor who leads the Chronic Pain and Chronic Illness Support group. She has completed three certificates from the Christian Counseling and Educational Foundation. She is a Certified Christian Trauma Care Provider Level 1 and holds a Rape Crisis Counselor Certificate through NYS Dept of Health.
Michelle‘s approach to care reflects the belief that Scripture offers us an example of God’s care for the whole person including one’s spiritual, emotional, and physical needs. Her journey into the world of counseling came about because of deep pain in both body and heart. That pain cultivated her awareness that God welcomes our questions and doubts, and that His Word is a continual story of His abiding love for His people. She seeks to offer a safe place to question and lament while offering common grace tools to support and increase one’s experience of peace in their body.


While the group is available year-round, you can pause or cancel your subscription at any time. Please note that your subscription will automatically renew unless you pause or cancel it. 

We recommend you be available for at least two of the meetings each month. However, we also understand that pain and other symptoms may prevent you from attending at the last minute, and there are no attendance requirements.

Our discussions are based around short prompts that help us compassionately consider our stories from a faith-based perspective. Most of our prompts focus on areas of mental, emotional, relational, and spiritual health. We often discuss relevant Scriptures, remind each other of the hope we have in Jesus, and practice calming strategies together.

Many people like to reflect on the prompt before each meeting, but there is no significant work outside of the support group. You can expect questions like:

“How has chronic illness or pain impacted or changed your faith? How has it impacted the way you relate to God?” 

“How can you grow in your ability to allow other people to carry your burdens? What would it look like to carry other people’s burdens within the limitations you have been given, without overdoing it or burning out?”

“When I am in pain or facing other challenging symptoms, the most compassionate thing (or things) I can do for myself is ____________.” 

Group members will not receive recordings of the meetings. We want to offer as much confidentiality as is possible in an online group setting, and recordings could compromise the privacy of group members. 

We are not able to offer refunds.

All sorts of people! Both men and women attend this group. The age of members ranges from young to old (you must be at least 18 years old to attend). Whether you have been given a diagnoses or not, struggled for a few weeks or a few decades . . . you are welcome!

We believe we offer something unique that you will not find in many free support groups. Asking people to pay for the group changes the feel of the group. We find that people who pay money to attend really want to be there. People come to the group ready to participate. They come with the right mindset. They come ready to encourage and be a part of something.

Our support group members attend regularly, which leads to tight community that is more difficult to find in free groups where there is often a lot of variation in who attends each week. This allows us to build up a consistent community where you can build tight relationships and feel supported in the difficulties of your day to day life.

A limited number of scholarships are available for people who are unable to afford the full cost of the group. You can access our scholarship application HERE.

*By registering for this group you acknowledge that this is a support group, not a counseling or therapy group. Support group leaders are not available for crisis services, emergency situations, or individual counseling outside of group.  If you have suicidal thoughts please call 988 for 24/7 mental health support or go to your nearest emergency room.

Please note that your email will be shared with a small group of other current group members to simplify group communication and to allow for discussion between group meetings.

On rare occasions, there will only be three support group meetings in a month due to holidays or other scheduling reasons. Other months, there may be five support group meetings. The price will remain the same for these months.