Chronic Pain Support

Do you struggle with the daily hardship of living with chronic illness or chronic pain? Do you feel misunderstood by your family, church body or friends? Do you wonder if God has forgotten you?

Perhaps you are experiencing a depth or type of suffering that is difficult for you to explain and hard for people in your life to understand. Maybe you feel abandoned. Perhaps you wonder if God is listening. You might be surrounded by supportive people, but still long to talk to someone who truly understands what you are going through.

If you can relate to any of these experiences, consider joining a supportive group of fellow travelers. In this group, you will be truly seen, known, and understood in your suffering. You will be reminded that you are not alone and encouraged that God has not forgotten you. You will experience a refreshing taste of the community that may be missing in your life.

Christian-Based Small Group Support


Join biblical counselor, Kate Brooks, for a live, online support group that is available year-round on Thursdays at 11am EST and Fridays at 1PM EST. Each week will be structured around a different prompt, helping you to talk through your suffering from a variety of helpful perspectives. Meetings may include times of discussion, Scripture reading, and praying for each other.

 “This support group offers a truly refreshing and flexible option for anyone trying to learn how to adapt to a lifestyle of chronic pain, or to move forward following significant trauma. Even for those who find it challenging to leave their homes, it is a refreshing avenue to connect with others who actually “get it,” and who share common values centered on the Lord Jesus.  Kate actively facilitates this group, enlightened by personal experience and equipped with a sound understanding of useful techniques and relevant scriptural references, often in spite of her own struggles. I would highly encourage others struggling through similar circumstances to check out this group”. – Group Participant


New support group members are invited to join the group at the beginning of each month. To join the support group, you can purchase a one month, two month, or three month pass. While the group is available year-round, there is no commitment to the group beyond the time frame of your pass. Once your pass expires, you can determine if you would like to continue and purchase a new pass if desired.


Our support groups are a great option for people who are looking for help but are unable to afford the cost of individual counseling. 

  • A 1 month pass typically includes 4 group meetings and can be purchased for $60.
  • A 2 month pass typically includes 8 group meetings and can be purchased at a discount for $110.
  • A 3 month pass typically includes 12 group meetings and can be purchased at a further discount for $144. 

On rare occasions, there will only be three support group meetings in a month due to holidays or other scheduling reasons. Other months, there may be five support group meetings. The price will remain the same for these months.

Frequently Asked Questions

When you register, you can decide if you would like to purchase a one month, two month, or three month pass. Once your pass expires, you can determine if you would like to continue with the group. If you want to continue, you can purchase a new pass. Registration information for purchasing continued passes will be provided to you at the end of each month you attend the group. 

We recommend you be available for at least two of the meetings each month. However, we also understand that pain and other symptoms may prevent you from attending at the last minute, and there are no attendance requirements.

Our discussions will be based around a short prompt that will help you look at your story from a different vantage point. These prompts may require minimal optional reading (like reading a poem, for example), but there will be no significant work outside of the support group. You can expect questions like:

“Who or what have you found to be most comforting in the midst of your suffering, and why?”

“What character in the Bible do you most identify with, and why?”

“What song or hymn has ministered most to you, and why?”

Group members will not receive recordings of the meetings. We want to offer as much confidentiality as is possible in an online group setting, and recordings could compromise the privacy of group members. 

We are not able to offer refunds.

All sorts of people! Both men and women attend this group. The age of members ranges from young to old (you must be at least 18 years old to attend). Whether you have been given a diagnoses or not, struggled for a few weeks or a few decades . . . you are welcome!

*By registering for this group you acknowledge that this is a support group, not a counseling or therapy group. Support group leaders are not available for crisis services, emergency situations, or individual counseling outside of group.  If you have suicidal thoughts please call 988 for 24/7 mental health support or go to your nearest emergency room.

If your needs exceed the support offered through this group, schedule a free consultation to begin individual counseling today.