Trauma-Informed Christian/Biblical Counselor (Full-Time and Part-Time W-2 Positions) 

Christian Trauma Counseling is accepting applications from experienced counselors who are interested in providing virtual counseling services. 

Our counseling practice offers trauma-informed care that is rooted in the Christian faith. We primarily serve adult individuals who struggle with complex experiences of trauma, abuse, anxiety/OCD, chronic pain, and chronic illness.

This is an hourly W-2 position. Compensation ranges from $60-$100 per client hour, depending on education, experience, training, and licensure/certification status. 

Part-time (6+ client hours per week) and full-time (15+ client hours per week) positions are available. For counselors seeking full-time work, a full case load is anticipated in 6-12 months. Licensed Clinical/Graduate Counselors in Maryland and Virginia (part-time positions available) and Certified Biblical/Pastoral Counselors (part-time and full-time positions available) are invited to apply.

Education, Training, and Experience Requirements 

  • Master’s degree in counseling or a closely related area
  • At least one year of counseling experience
  • Biblical counseling training (i.e. CCEF Classes, ABC Certification, etc . . .)
  • At least 20 hours of training/continuing education in trauma counseling or willingness to complete training within the first few months of employment.

Job Responsibilities 

  • Complete virtual counseling sessions. Prioritize developing safe relationships with clients to provide trauma-informed, biblically-faithful counseling that adheres to CTC’s values and beliefs.
  • Write progress notes and complete other documentation as needed for each session.
  • Coordinate scheduling with clients.
  • Accurately charge for each completed counseling session and document in monthly spreadsheet.
  • Maintain an up-to-date calendar that documents completed sessions and no shows. Charge cancellation fees as needed.
  • Coordinate care with churches, psychiatrists, doctors, etc. as appropriate for each client.
  • Work with CTC Owner/Director to coordinate referral of clients when in-person services are more appropriate.

Other Benefits

At CTC, we prioritize training and consultation opportunities for counselors who desire to grow in their ability to provide Christian-based trauma counseling services. Our team of counselors is collaborative and supportive and meets twice monthly to encourage and sharpen one another. Working with CTC provides the opportunity to set a flexible schedule and counsel from the comfort of a home office.

  • Work from home and set your own schedule.
  • Focus on counseling and receive office support for intakes, billing concerns, and other administrative matters.
  • Receive free group and individual consultation as well as free trainings in trauma and biblical counseling.
  • Receive continuing education funds on a yearly basis towards training and professional development in trauma and biblical counseling.
  • For LGPCs in Maryland, free state-approved supervision is available. 

We would love to receive applications from counselors who . . .

  • Want to specialize in trauma counseling
  • Consider themselves to be life-long learners
  • Prioritize personal spiritual development and self-care
  • Have a strong desire to take time and energy to learn in community with like-minded counselors
  • Feel comfortable sitting with people who are experiencing complex challenges.

To learn more, you can browse the rest of our website, read about us and our approach to counseling, and meet our counseling team.

Think you would be a great fit? We are interested in hearing from you! To apply, send a cover letter and your resume to CTC Director, Esther Smith, at