Counseling SErvices

traditional therapy not working?

We offer biblically-based counseling for people in need of trauma recovery and care. Trauma occurs in response to distressing situations that overwhelm a person’s ability to cope. We offer help for people who are struggling after a wide range of traumatic incidents. 

Sexual Assault • Childhood Abuse • Medical Mistakes • Miscarriage or Childbirth Trauma • Combat Trauma • Domestic Violence • Natural or Manmade Disasters • Spiritual Abuse • Betrayal Trauma • Bullying or School Violence • Traumatic Grief and Loss

Recovery from trauma often requires a more nuanced approach than recovery from other common struggles. It’s possible you have tried traditional forms of talk therapy and it didn’t help. Many people who have experienced trauma struggle to find a counselor who understands what they need. This feeling is often intensified for people who are looking for a Christian-based counselor who is faithful to Scripture and knowledgeable about trauma.

What Makes Our Counseling Different?

At Christian Trauma Counseling, we understand trauma. Each of our counselors receives ongoing training and consultation in trauma counseling. We are committed to staying up to date on biblically-faithful, research-based trauma counseling practices. We believe this training makes a difference. We are equipped to understand how trauma has impacted you and trained to help you work towards recovery.


Traditional talk therapy tends to neglect important questions about how trauma has impacted your relationship with God. Trauma has a spiritual impact. It often leads to difficult questions, as you work to reconcile truths you know from Scripture with the reality of what happened to you. We don’t have easy answers, but our counselors are here to step into hard conversations with you. Together, we can help you sort through your questions, bring your grief to God, and consider how Jesus meets you in your pain.​


Traditional talk therapy often fails to address the physical impact of trauma. Our counselors use a variety of methods to address the way trauma has impacted your brain and nervous system. We work slowly to help you access a sense of safety as you build a relationship with your counselor. We introduce a variety of skills to help you calm your nervous system and reduce anxiety and distress connected to what happened.

We provide Trauma-informed care for a variety of concerns

In addition to trauma counseling, we provide care for people struggling with a wide range of common concerns. No matter your struggle, our trauma-informed services take into account the difficult events that have shaped you. We seek to address the way our bodies and brains are impacted by life in a broken world. These components of trauma-informed care are important aspects of counseling, regardless of the concerns that lead you to seek help. 

Anxiety • Stress and Burnout • Grief and Loss • Depression • Women's Issues • Ministry Struggles • Chronic Illness and Chronic Pain • Parenting Concerns • Relational Conflict • Marital Issues • Multicultural Issues​

We want you to feel better

We understand that living with the symptoms of trauma is painful. We know how it can impact every area of your life, and we want you to feel better. Finding relief is a slow process. It does not happen overnight, but we can work together on strategies that can help. Together we can explore practices that can reduce your distress. We can slowly and safely process your story to help you gain new insights into what you experienced. We can work with you to gather resources and people around you who can be with you in your struggle.

We will point you to Jesus when Suffering Lingers

As we help you search for avenues for relief, we will point you towards God who is with you in your suffering. We understand that some suffering is ongoing. Some suffering does not have an earthly solution. As biblical counselors, it is our privilege to sit with you and point you to the hope you have in Jesus when symptoms of trauma linger.