Christian Trauma Counseling offers biblically faithful, trauma informed virtual counseling and consultation services

Are you looking for a counselor who understands how trauma impacts the healing process? Do you want counseling that addresses your emotional, physical, and spiritual well-being? We are here to help. Our trauma-informed counselors offer care that is grounded in Scripture and informed by evidence-based clinical practices.  

Our Services

We provide counseling services to teenagers and adults struggling with depression, anxiety, grief and loss, trauma and PTSD, chronic illness and chronic pain, parenting concerns, life transitions, relational conflict, spiritual concerns, maternal mental health, and more.

Many Christian counselors and ministry leaders are making efforts to become more trauma informed. If you have a counseling case or church situation that is complicated by trauma, we are here to help. Our counselor consultants are trained in biblical counseling and advanced trauma therapies and can offer insight into your situation.

Our support group for people who struggle with chronic illness and chronic pain runs year round. This group provides a safe and supportive community where people can be seen and known as they navigate physical health struggles.

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