Christian trauma counseling

virtual counseling

Christian Trauma Counseling provides virtual counseling services. Our faith-based counseling is tailored to meet the needs of individuals looking for help grounded in their Christian faith. Our skilled and compassionate counselors are trained to provide professional trauma care. Whether you are processing past painful experiences or navigating ongoing struggles, we are here to help.

Christian Trauma Counseling offers
Nationwide Virtual Services

Individual Counseling

We serve adolescents (12+) and adults. Our counselors specialize in trauma counseling and also provide trauma-informed care for a wide range of common counseling concerns.

Marriage Counseling

Has past trauma impacted your marriage? Do you want to experience greater intimacy and improve your communication? We provide professional Christian-based care for married couples.

Support Groups

Do you live with chronic illness or chronic pain? Are you looking for support? Join a community of people who truly gets it. Our virtual support group meets every Friday at 1PM EST.

Our Trauma Specialists Provide biblically-faithful counseling for a wide range of concerns

Trauma Counseling following Distressing Incidents

  • Sexual or physical assault
  • Childhood abuse or neglect
  • Accidents, hospitalizations, or medical mistakes
  • Miscarriage or childbirth trauma
  • Combat trauma
  • Experiencing or witnessing domestic violence
  • Natural or manmade disasters
  • Spiritual abuse
  • Betrayal trauma
  • Bullying or school violence
  • Traumatic grief and loss

Trauma-Informed Counseling for Common Concerns 

  • Anxiety and panic
  • Stress and burnout
  • Grief and loss
  • Depression
  • Maternal health and women’s issues
  • Church hurt and ministry struggles
  • Chronic illness and chronic pain
  • Christian identity struggles
  • Parenting concerns 
  • Relational conflict
  • Multi-cultural issues

Meet The Team

 Our team is made up of certified biblical counselors and licensed Christian counselors. Every member of our team has received professional training in trauma-informed care. Our licensed counselors provide virtual services to people located in Maryland and Virginia. Our certified biblical counselors offer virtual services to people who live nationwide and outside of the US. 

Esther Smith, LCPC, CCEF Certification
Pamela Rainone, ABC Certified
Alex Kocher, CCEF and ABC Certified
Megan Fuller, MA
Andrea Miller, LGPC